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Exercise is hard work, but personal training is working out smart!

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Going to Bench Gym has been the best gym experience I have ever had. There is no comparison between other personal training gyms. I had been working out with personal trainers at several other gyms for four years when I found Bench Gym. The professional, pleasant, friendly, clean and fun atmosphere along with their serious workout routines have kept me going there twice-weekly for almost four years. The guys are always focused and committed to helping me stay on track.

In the time that I have been training at Bench Gym I have noticed measurable increases in my strength and endurance. My sessions there even enabled me to do some serious rock climbing in Arizona recently - something I would never have imagined myself doing before I began working out at Bench Gym. Simply stated, I love Bench Gym.

Colleen Dermody, Owner/Consultant (Out of Market Communications, Washington, DC)

Bench gym provides its clients an excellent opportunity to work out at a convenient location with well trained professionals providing you with expert advice on how to best make use of the equipment. The personal attention given to me allows me to structure my workout in a manner which maximizes the time I have available and targets the muscles I need to focus on. My regular gym workouts have improved significantly thanks to the new techniques I have picked up during my training sessions.

Jon and his team have a very positive attitude and are flexible yet demanding when making sure you meet your preset targets. The frequent weight and body measurement checks allow you to gauge your progress and then re-design your workout schedule to meet the evolving needs. Overall the sessions I have had at Bench have increased my stamina, reduced by body fat and given greater definition to my body. I would highly recommend this program, gym and set of trainers to anyone who is looking for an upgrade in his/her workout routine.

Thank you Bench Boys!

Adel Meer (International Finance Corporation, Washington, DC)

I have known Jon for almost ten years and I was so happy when he was able to save up and open his own personal training gym. This is a major life investment, a lifetime goal, and he has done everything to make it perfect. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming and reasonably private. There are never more than two people in training at the same time and the space is arranged so you feel it's just for you.

The exercise equipment is the best I've ever seen. Every detail of the gym from the colors to the audio/visual equipment to the bottles of water makes you feel these people care and they want me to succeed. Unlike many of the others who wrote testimonials, I can't get to Bench Gym on a regular basis. (Guess that's why I don't merit a "before and after picture".) I live in Massachusetts, but travel to the DC area frequently. The location close to Farragut West METRO is certainly convenient. Whereas I exercise regularly, I realize when I come here what a difference it makes to have a personal coach. Your limited time gets used to its full potential. You get feedback on the best ways to exercise safely and for the best effect. The personal encouragement doesn't hurt either.

I would be remiss if I didn't say a word about Jon and his team. They are respectful, goal-oriented, fun and caring AND they know what they are doing. They operate as a real team.

Kevin Mahoney, Professor (Boston College, MA)

After working out on my own using workout videos and dumbbells for several years, my workout was stale and needed a change. When I passed by the security desk at my office building in the morning, I had noticed some flyers for a new personal training facility on the lower level called "BENCH Gym." I picked one up and decided to give them a call.

I signed up for four weeks with Jon Ponce. The first workout was intense and I felt it. Even though I am an avid cyclist who rides over 100 miles a week and had been using weights for my upper body, I was sweating! Jon challenged me at every workout by changing the exercises, using different equipment (exercise machines vs. free weights) and by being supportive and motivating. Jon also improved my weight lifting technique by showing me the proper method. When you workout on your own at home, there's no one to encourage you to do that last rep. There's no one stopping you from fast forwarding your exercise video to avoid a hard routine. But Jon was there motivating me to push myself to do just one more rep.

After only four weeks, I noticed measurable increases in my strength and endurance for cycling. Climbing hills is easier. I have lost inches and my clothes fit better. My friends have also complimented me on my trimmer appearance.

The gains that I achieved in such a short time were truly worth every cent. The bottom line is that BENCH Gym promises results and they deliver them.

Karen McMillan, Public Health Educator (Coalition of Labor Union Women, Washington, DC)

I worked out at Bench Personal Training twice a week for about six weeks, and it was a great way to jumpstart my new exercise regimen. Prior to this experience, I had never done resistance training and was intimidated by most of the machines. Jon was the perfect combination of patient and demanding. He set realistic goals that were sensitive to my current abilities as well as my potential.

I especially appreciated the privacy when I was just starting. With my firmer muscles, I was able to fit into my summer clothes even though I had gained several pounds. Exercising also gave me more energy and a greater sense of well-being. Resistance training is now part of my lifestyle.

Marilyn Levitt (Surface Transportation Board, Washington, DC)